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CGE workshop caption

This presentation reviews the key economic indicators while presents the macroeconomic and structural risks Cambodia needs to address in order to main growth. The presentation was made during the CEA annual meeting.

Agricultural development can be a key engine of economic growth and can provide the resources for other sectors too: education, health, and overall social development. Despite its huge potentials, the sector is facing many constraints ranging from technology (i.e. post harvesting technology), infrastructure, price volatility, and access to finance. In this roundtable, we bring three leaders in the field to share the ideas on how financial access in agriculture can be improved. Financing agriculture in Cambodia is not only the frontier of business opportunity for banks, but also a potential contribution to Cambodia’s economic development. Speakers: H.E Dr. Mey Kalyan (SNEC) Dr. In Channy (CEO of ACLEDA) Mr. Chan Sophal (HARVEST)

Grant Knuckey, ANZR (left). Ahmed Faisal, IMF

A stable financial system is a prerequisite for sustainable economic growth. Over the past decade, Cambodia has seen rapid financial sector development and macro- financial stability. However, financial access is still limited and the sector is concentrated. Many challenges need to be addressed to enhance financial services and access to a larger population. There has also been increasing attention to the bank’s competition, credit growth, and other potential risks in the sector. In short, although Cambodia has made progress to promote the financial system, its work toward achieving a more stable and dynamic system able to deliver its essential services is far from complete. CEA EBR stimulates the exchange of ideas and promote discussions on this topic.